Imagine a secret spa and meditation retreat 4,300 meters above sea level in nomad country, built upon the edge of a canyon cliff amidst rapid white waters and sacred curative hot springs surrounded by meditation caves, some still being used by yogi mystics. Does it sound like Shambhala? Yes, this is Shambhala Source, a geo-tourism resort dedicated to protecting sacred Tibetan lands and hot springs through a program of sustainable development and cultural protection. Shambhala Source seeks to sensitively manage a geo-tourism lodge to serve as a pillar of local heritage protection and cultural sustainability in an area threatened by outside exploitation and indiscriminate development.

Shambhala Source offers spa and yoga programs – at a location what is arguably the source of Tibetan yoga. The valley’s spectacular beauty can be witnessed with treks to meditation caves, local monasteries, and nomadic camps, or with horseback adventures to sky lakes. Traditional nomadic life is on view just outside your window, as nomads continue to use migratory lands now protected by Shambhala.

Shambhala Source supports a micro-finance artisan center for renaissance of local nomadic crafts with emphasis on handicapped, a yogurt processing center for supplementing nomad income, and a Himalayan Action for Health holistic traditional medical clinic that provides healthcare for local nomads and pilgrims as well as researching Tibetan herbs found in the region. Guests may visit these and learn about Tibetan medicine, crafts and yogurt making.

Shambhala Source shares its revenues with a village of settled nomads who have been disabled by water contamination from mining activities at their previous settlement. Shambhala Source guests directly contribute to nomadic community healthcare and cultural preservation.

Shambhala Source has 18 rooms overlooking the canyon ravine, hot springs and meditation caves. Six “Tantric space suites” are two-story accommodations with a bathroom featuring a hot spring tub on the first floor with seating, and bedroom with private balcony overlooking the ravine on the second floor. Six other rooms are standard size and also feature a hot spring in the bath. Six more rooms have unsurpassed views over the canyon but no hot spring water directly in the room. All guests may use the open hot spring pool which all rooms overlook.
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